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Can you help us HUG those in need?

Your support amplifies our work towards these goals


Clean Water

We started with drilling a "bore hole", which is a new fresh water well, in northern Ghana.  Access to clean water is an inconceivable problem for most the the United States. 


Drilling wells and supplying other water needs such as fresh water tanks is an easy way to impact those in need and truly make a difference.



One of our main causes is education.  This is a global issue that touches many lives, particularly the world's youth, who will suffer without the proper resources and educational materials.


We spend a significant portion of our resources on tackling this problem. Such things as simple as reading books, computers, and writing instruments are a few things we hope to get in the hands of those in need.



Access to healthcare as we know it in the United States simple does not exist in many parts of the world.


Even our limited resources are able to positively effect the lives of many without access to healthcare. This is an overwhelming endeavor to serve so many with so few resources. With your help we are able to improve health around the world.

Sound good? There are multiple ways to help

Volunteer your time

The needs of our friends vary greatly; so do the ways you can help. Please get in touch if you have time or a helpful idea.

One-time donation

We ensure that 100% of your donation directly funds our help efforts.

Non-monetary donations

The needs of our friends vary greatly as do the ways you can help. Learn about our current needs on our Facebook page.

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Annual Donation

Change a life. Tax deductible.

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