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Why / How We Got Involved

In 2016, Paul was sitting in church with his family listening to Father Peter speak about Damongo, his parish in Ghana, and the support he and the community needed. Paul was moved to help, and knew that he could do more than donate.  So he approached Father after Mass and asked, “How can I help?” That question is the motivation behind HUG.

Our Missions

 Republic of Ghana, West Africa 

In March of 2017, Paul flew to Ghana on a trip he would never forget. What Ghana lacked in material goods, it more than made up for in spirit, love, and kindness. He got to work offering XXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXX over the course of the week that he was onsite. Their gratitude was immeasurable and left him with a deeper appreciation for all we have in the United States. 


The following year, Krista joined him on his trip. Thanks to the generosity of Henry Schein     , medical supplies were donated. For the schools, the BIC Corporation      donated writing instruments, book drives were held, and family and friends generously donated monetary funds, educational toys, and gently used books.


Through our trips, we have formed life-long bonds with the local people, health care teams, and clergy. The question we ask before we arrive is, “How can we help?” Once an answer is given, we work to make that request a reality. Each time we go, more and more villages ask, “When are you coming back?  When you come back will you come to our village?”  Our next trip is already being planned.  Our team consists of Priest and healthcare workers from the Arch Diocese of Damongo, Northern Region, Ghana West Africa.


Represent or aware of other organizations or places that would benefit from our type of assistance?

Though we began our service in West Africa, our vision is to share HUG in other countries. Please reach out to us if your community is in need of help.

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