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Sewing Machines

The young women who attend St. Anthony of Padua Senior High School in Bamboi, Ghana are grateful to be in a safe environment, away from the stresses of village life and to have the opportunity to learn.  But life at the school isn't easy.  The girls live in dormitories, sharing one very small room with 40 to 50 of their classmates.  Multiple sets of bunk beds are covered in mosquito nets and the wobbly ceiling fan does little to remove the oppressive heat. Yet these young women remain optimistic, eager to learn and to contribute to their families and community.

One of the programs offered at the senior high school is fashion design.  This very important course gives these young women the opportunity to have a profession and the ability to use their talents in service to their community.  Every small village in the Northern Region of Ghana has incredibly skilled seamstresses and tailors who can size customers by eye and create the most colorful, custom clothing imaginable.  The problem for the students of St. Anthony’s is a lack of equipment.  The school has less than 5 hand cranked sewing machines.

You Can Change a Life!

For Hearts United in Giving “more sewing machines” was an obvious answer to our guiding question:  How can we help you?  Now we are asking for your help as well.  We know this has been a challenging year in many different ways.  Yet we believe that the best way to receive is to give and we hope you will consider giving to the young women in the senior high school by sponsoring a sewing machine.  $60 US dollars will undeniably change the life of a student at St. Anthony’s.  Your gift of just $60 will give one of these special young women so much more than just a sewing machine.  It will give her the hope, the inspiration and, most importantly, the means to help her family and her village.  Hearts United in Giving is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization and 100% of funds raised goes directly to our areas of impact.  There are no fees and no administrative charges.  

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